The team crossed paths for the first time at guitar building school IKATA fall of 2015. We soon realised that passion for laminated archtop guitars is something we have in common. This passion realised in many years of research and development of materials and processes. Today we are at the point where interest has been shown towards our product from guitar builders of different backgrounds. This enabled us to take the exciting step to start offering our first model and continue research for future additions.

Yours sincerely, Jukka, Kirsi, Mikko and Tero


Education: Forester, arborists, luthier

Day job: Forest service, arborists, entrepreneur

Hobbies: Interested in construction of vehicles and guitars

Music: Open minded about music 70 rock classics today, Eminem yesterday

Guitar favorites: Archtops

AL superpowers:  Production process, CNC, logistics and experience of entrepreneurship

Motto: “Creation of wooden objects fascinates me and gives endless pleasure.”


Education: Master of Science(Information processing science)  (University of Oulu), Guitar building artesan

Day job: Senior software Engineer

Hobbies: Music, nature, sports

Music: All music and especially punk & jazz

Guitar favorites: Vintage guitars, lap steels, ukuleles

AL superpowers:  Web & some, some prototyping

Motto: “Yes you can.”


Education: Guitar building artesan, carpenter, Wood technology engineer (AMK)

Day job: Drill bit sales

Hobbies: Music, wilderness

Music: Rugged rock

Guitar favorites: The secret of guitar sound is in the flames of the wood

AL superpowers:  Technical implementation and innovation

Motto: “DIY and get exactly how it happens to turn out”


Education: Automation technology engineer  (YAMK).

Day job: Guitar building teacher

Hobbies: Exercise, swimming in ice holes and gardening

Music: “We’ve got both kind of music, Country AND Western.”

Guitar favorites: Acoustic steel strings

AL superpowers:  Sales, marketing and accounting

Motto: “Easy can be boring I enjoy things that are challenging”